Northern Lift Trucks Warehousing & Industrial Equipment

Discover an extensive selection of Manitou material handling equipment, perfectly suited for diverse industrial and warehousing applications. Explore the Manitou range of equipment from Northern Lift Trucks, renowned for simplicity, reliability and exceptional performance. Choose from electric forklifts, industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, articulated forklift trucks, stackers, order pickers, industrial tractors and pallet trucks.

Electric Forklift Trucks NI

Electric Forklifts

Ideal for indoor warehousing tasks, these electric-powered forklifts offer efficiency and precision in material handling.

Industrial Forklifts

Designed for heavy-duty industrial settings, these forklifts excel in moving and lifting a wide range of loads with ease.

Semi Industrial Forklift for sale NI

Semi-Industrial Forklifts

Combine the benefits of both manual and electric forklifts with a semi-industrial forklift for medium-duty industrial tasks.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough Terrain Forklifts

When your work takes you outdoors or over challenging terrain, our rough terrain forklifts are up to the task, ensuring stability and power.

Articulated Forklift Truck

Manoeuvre through tight spaces and navigate obstacles effortlessly with our articulated forklift trucks, offering exceptional agility.


Optimise your warehouse storage with stackers that allow you to reach higher and stack efficiently.

Manitou Pallet Truck Industrial Equipment Sold by Northern Lift Trucks

Pallet Trucks

Enhance your material handling efficiency with our pallet trucks, designed for reliability and ease of use.

Industrial Tractors

Tackle heavy-duty towing and hauling tasks with ease using our industrial tractors, built for strength and durability.

Order Pickers

Streamline your order fulfilment process with order pickers designed for precision and speed.

Truck Mounted Forklift With Mast TMF

Truck Mounted Forklifts with Mast

TMF Trucks are packed with unique features which ensure high quality performance that maximises profitability and efficiency, all while working in the ideal
conditions of safety and comfort.

Truck Mounted Forklifts with Telescopic Boom

TMT trucks are the most efficient on-board material handling solutions on the market. Their performance makes them indispensable stand-alone machines for logistics, transporters and industry professionals.

Warehousing and Industrial Material Handling Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s warehousing industry plays a vital role in the region’s economy, supporting various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, and logistics. Manitou equipment is known for its reliability and performance in material handling and warehousing applications. When choosing Manitou equipment, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of your operation to select the right machine and attachments for the job. Northern Lift Trucks proudly offers Manitou material handling solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require the precision of an electric forklift, the ruggedness of a rough terrain forklift, or the versatility of an articulated forklift truck, we have the perfect solution to elevate your industrial and warehousing operations.

Handle and Transport Palletised Loads with Manitou

Using Manitou forklifts and warehousing equipment for handling and transporting palletised loads is a practical and efficient solution in various warehouse and industrial settings. Manitou equipment, known for its versatility, reliability, and performance, can greatly enhance your pallet handling operations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all your warehousing operations.

Order Preparation

Order Preparation

Manitou forklifts and warehousing equipment play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and versatility of order picking and preparation operations within warehouses and distribution centres. These machines are prized for their reliability and are a trusted choice for streamlining the assembly of customer orders. Manitou offers a variety of forklifts, including electric forklifts and industrial forklifts, which are widely used to access palletised inventory carefully arranged on racks or shelves. Manitou also provides pallet trucks and stackers, frequently chosen for order preparation and staging tasks. These machines facilitate the seamless movement and organisation of items, optimising the order fulfilment process.

Rack Storage

Rack Storage

Rack storage is an efficient and effective solution for optimising storage space within a warehouse. Rack storage systems typically involve the use of vertical shelving units, pallet racks, or cantilever racks to maximize the use of both floor space and vertical space. Manitou forklifts and equipment are well-suited for various rack storage operations due to their ability to access elevated shelves, position loads with precision, manoeuvre in tight spaces and operate across diverse ground surfaces. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Manitou warehousing equipment is dedicated to executing material handling tasks with a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, which are key in rack storage operations.

Inventory Management

Using Manitou forklifts and warehousing equipment for inventory management can significantly improve warehouse operations, elevating efficiency, precision, and organisation. Achieving and maintaining precise inventory levels hinges on the meticulous positioning of goods. Manitou’s warehousing equipment excels at this task, whether it involves elevated placement or navigating confined spaces. With Manitou material handling equipment, goods are handled safely, with the utmost accuracy and precision, ensuring seamless inventory tracking and management.


Handling Non-Standard Loads

A  non-standard load refers to a cargo or item that does not conform to typical dimensions, shapes, or handling requirements commonly encountered in material handling and logistics. These loads require specialised equipment, handling techniques, or precautions due to their unconventional characteristics, such as size, shape or weight. Manitou offers a range of specialised attachments and accessories that can be added to their forklifts to accommodate non-standard loads. These attachments include fork positioners, clamp attachments, rotators and side shifters. Custom solutions are available.