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Hyundai’s Construction Equipment Division (the new name for Hyundai Heavy Industries from 2017), has a long history dating back to 1985 when production began.

Today, Hyundai’s construction equipment offering is widely recognised as an industry leader due to its advanced ergonomics, engineering and technology.

Hyundai’s Construction Equipment Division (Europe) focus on creating equipment for the European construction & heavy industries that combines an attractive price to quality ratio and guaranteed low downtime. The equipment has been developed with the user in mind by placing importance on easy of operation and high comfort. Their extensive ranges of excavators ensure you will get to the bottom of every job with operating weights from 1.6 tonne to 120 tonnes, while their wheeled loaders will keep things moving with bucket sizes between 1.9m³ and 5.4m³.

Backed by highly advanced factors automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovation engineering, the division offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy our customers’ needs.

As one of the world’s largest engineering manufacturers, Hyundai provide a superb range of track & rubber wheeled excavators, loading shovels and skid steer loaders, Hyundai enable Northern Lift Trucks to satisfy the demands of Northern Ireland’s construction market.

An operator, who takes pleasure in his work, does a better job. Hyundai Construction Equipment are committed to increasing productivity with machinery dedicated to operator’s comfort, speed, precision and durability, the Hyundai HX and HL Series earthmoving equipment are quality products.

Wheeled Loading Shovels


Models Available

Operating Weight 13,100kg to 31,000kg
Bucket Capacity2.00m3 to 5.60m3
Engine Power 158hp to 380hp

Designed For

Transporting a load over distances
Move easily between sites

Wheeled Excavators


Models Available

Operating Weight 13,880kg to 21,200kg
Bucket Capacity 0.23m3 to 1.34m3
Engine Power 157hp to 183hp

Designed For

Maximum versatility
High road speed

Crawler Excavator

Hyundai Crawler excavator

Models Available

Operating Weight 12,700kg to 33,500kg
Bucket Capacity 0.23m3 to 2.10m3
Engine Power 73.6hp to 359hp

Designer For

A wide variety of applications

Mini Excavator


Models Available

Operating Weight 1,650kg to 8,350kg
Bucket Capacity 0.04m3 to 0.28m3
Engine Power 17hp to 65hp

Designed For

General excavation
Site preparation

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