Access Solutions

Designed around years of customer focus, discover our wide range of aerial work platforms, providing access to solutions for all applications on any ground type. Whatever the terrain and the application will find a wide choice of lifting platforms, each of them corresponding perfectly to the requirements of your business.


Articulated Access Platform

Height, load, reach or speed of elevation, this range is the answer to all your building needs.

Telescopic Access Platform

High specification components providing excellent reach and rough terrain capability for maximum safety and efficiency.


Vertical Mast Access Platform

Industry leading turret rotation plus smooth controls for easy operation even in confined spaces.


Scissor Lift Platform

Compact yet high performing, this range offers impressive working at height capacity.

Working at Height with Northern Lift Trucks

Access Platforms

Access Platforms

A powered access platform allows employees to safely work at height. There are various models to choose from. Each model has been designed to meet a range of specific on-site requirements, such as indoor/outdoor operation or working in restricted spaces with narrow aisles. They can also be called: Work Platforms, Aerial Work Platforms, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), Cherry Pickers, Boom Lifts, Personnel Lifts or Scissor Lifts.
The different types of powered access platform by Manitou are: articulated telescopic platforms, telescopic platforms, vertical mast platforms and scissor lift platforms.

Manitou - Articulated Access Platforms

Articulated Access Platforms

Articulated access platforms are designed for working at height where horizontal outreach is required. Electric, diesel or bi-energy models are available in the Manitou ATJ Range. The boom (also known as the jib) on an articulated access platform is divided into multiple sections that bend, making them ideal for tight access and hard to reach areas. The additional articulation points on the jib provide greater range of motion for the aerial platform. Depending on the model, jib booms enable the platform to move up or down or from side to side. Manitou ATJ’s are extensively used in the construction industry for tasks such as painting, welding and maintenance work. Articulated Access Platforms are also commonly used in the utility sector when repairing electric lines and streetlights and can be used for a range of warehouse operations or event set-up tasks that require working at height.

Manitou-Telescopic Access Platforms

Telescopic Access Platforms

Telescopic boom lifts feature an extendable arm that can reach varying heights. Unlike an articulated boom lift, the telescoping boom has a straight arm that is attached to a freely rotating turntable. The Manitou TJ Range has a maximum working height of up to 26 metres, with platform capacity ranging between 230 – 400kg / 2 – 3 people. Telescopic access platforms are typically used to install windows, roofing or work on high buildings, a telescopic access platform can also be used for industrial applications and infrastructure inspection.

Vertical Mast Access Platforms

Vertical Mast Access Platforms

Vertical mast lifts are a type of aerial work platform intended to provide access to high reaching tasks while allowing for tight fitting access and a small space footprint. Manitou VJR models are designed to hold 2 people. A vertical mast lift is designed to allow working access in very tight and confined areas such as doorways, stairways, auditoriums, high traffic urban areas, and other spaces that are hard to access. Vertical mast lifts are compact, economical, easily stored and easily transported. Typically used for indoor maintenance and electrical work, vertical mast access platforms are relied upon facility management professionals and retail and storefront maintenance.

Scissor Lift Access Platforms

Scissor Lift Access Platforms

Scissor lift platforms move straight up and down and must be placed directly beneath the area you’re working on. They feature a wide platform which is supported by cross-brace supports. With a working height of up to 12 metres, the platform capacity of Manitou Scissor Lifts range between 200 – 300kg and are designed to hold 2 – 3 people. The large platform is an important feature as it allows a whole team to reach the projects at once. The Manitou SC and SEC Range can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks. Scissor lifts are also useful for cleaning services, such as window cleaning and façade maintenance.