Machines for contract hire

Why choose contract hire?

Contract hire allows you to focus on your operations without having to worry about the financial risk of owning capital equipment.

  • No large upfront payments giving you quick and easy access to the latest machines & technologies from world leading manufacturers
  • Sole & exclusive use of the machine for the period of your contract
  • Flexible contract periods from 1 to 5 years
  • Better cash flow management with fixed monthly costs over the lifetime of the contract
  • No unexpected service costs with built in maintenance packages
  • No exposure to depreciation costs
  • If you or your company is VAT Registered, you can claim back 100% of VAT
  • No resale risks at the end of the contract. Simply hand it back and ideally take delivery of your brand-new machine at the same time.

Contact us now to build a contract to suit you!

All we need to know is what application the machine is working in, the annual hours you intend to use the machine for and the length of contract. You can choose how much you pay as your initial payment to reduce your monthly payments.

It is vital that you estimate the annual hourly usage accurately as there will be an excess usage charge. However, this will be agreed upfront so if you do run over, you will know what to expect.

When you enter into a contact hire agreement with Northern Lift Trucks there will be no hidden costs or unexpected requirements – just top-class machinery, looked after by experienced manufacturer trained engineers, for your exclusive use.

Contact us now for machinery contract hire, Lisburn that is completely tailored to you.

Machinery Contract Hire Northern Ireland

Contract Hire is a method of funding the use of a machine for a set period of time, but not the overall ownership of it.

Northern Lift Trucks, a Manitou and Hyundai dealer are based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and offer Contract Hire on our full range of machinery from Manitou and Hyundai: Agricultural, Construction, Access, Industrial & Warehousing Equipment.


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