Another Great Parts Offer – May 2020

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Use Manitou Genuine Parts for optimum performance, productivity and longevity of your machine.

Filter Maintenance

The maintenance of a machine and the quality of the filters are essential for its proper functioning, reliability, longevity and your daily safety.

Filters have a crucial role for the machine: they guarantee the proper functioning of the entire system, its cleanliness, and protects it from premature wear and tear. Don’t make false savings, trust Manitou’s expertise.

Which products should you use to maintain the machine?

For maintenance, use only Manitou original spare parts to ensure optimal machine performance: original filters, filter kits dedicated to periodic maintenance with all components required for 500 or 1000 hours maintenance, at an adjusted price!

The hydraulic filter guarantees your productivity, the air filter guarantees the good performance of your engine. The fuel filter collects and prevents water from reaching the distribution circuit, the oil filter ensures the good performance of your engine by protecting it from premature wear and tear, and by preventing the occurrence of deposits harmful to your circuit.It is therefore essential to make the right choice.

With Manitou’s filters you are assured of optimal product quality and performance.

View Full Range of Filter Kits.

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